Meet the Warlord

Inside a quiet home in Northern Virginia — sitting at a computer, typing with one finger — a man just shy of his 92nd birthday moderated an E-mail exchange for 500 of the nation’s most influential military and diplomatic thinkers.  Here is the 3 1/2-minute profile I produced in 2013 about John Collins, known in policymaking circles as The Warlord.

Robot Wars: A Documentary about Drones

In future wars, will human soldiers be replaced by weapons that think for themselves? Lots of remotely controlled systems are already on the battlefield.  In 2012 I spoke with scientists, analysts — and the nation’s top military officer — about how remote engagement and autonomous systems might be changing the American way of war.  Here is the CBS Radio documentary that […]

A war cry goodbye

In a poignant farewell to a New Zealand soldier killed in action in Afghanistan, members of his unit gathered at the soldier’s funeral to perform an ancestral Maori war cry known as a haka.

Psychic? No. Cyber-Snoop? Yes.

Lots of information about you — personal and financial — is stored in digital form.  You’ve digitized lots of it yourself, on social media sites and elsewhere.  As the world becomes more and more networked, much of that information can be captured, compiled or inferred by computer-savvy data miners.  A number of people learned that shocking lesson when they agreed to what they thought was going […]

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