R. Lee Ermey’s Prayer for Marines

On September 22, 1988, not long after the release of the film Full Metal Jacket,  I sat down in a Los Angeles recording studio with actor R. Lee Ermey.  Lee had graciously agreed to record voiceover elements that could be used in videos I was producing for Marine Corps birthday celebrations. I had first met Lee in 1984.  My boss and I, both Marine […]

Broadcasting the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon

On the morning of October 22, runners lined up within sight of the Washington, D. C. statue depicting Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima, ready to take on the challenge of the Marine Corps Marathon.  Twenty-thousand embarked on the 41st running of this 26.2-mile journey — as another 10,000 queued near the Smithsonian Castle along the national mall to […]

Hosting New Nationwide Programs on CBS News Radio

Just months into its mission of working to connect military veterans with useful resources — and each other — ConnectingVets.com has launched an exciting new venture with CBS News Radio.   Every weekday, many of the hundreds of U. S. radio stations affiliated with CBS New Radio will present Eye on Veterans, a report highlighting issues and personalities important to men […]

Connecting veterans with resources and each other

The good news is: there are a thousand resources for veterans out there,” went the reasoning.  “The bad news is there are a thousand resources for veterans out there.” This was the rationale behind the launch, in the early summer of 2017, of a multi-platform digital resource for military veterans — intended to vet (pun intended) those resources, then make […]

As early as in the next few weeks, an international tribunal in The Hague could announce whether China is operating within international legal norms as it builds up, and claims as Chinese territory, the Spratly Islands — a set of reefs, banks and cays jutting just above sea level a thousand miles from the Chinese mainland and within 200 miles […]

Gulf War 25th Anniversary

Having thought myself already a “salty” Marine at the time — and feeling not that much older now — it is difficult to fathom that 25 years have passed since the 1991 Gulf War. It is sobering, as well, to consider all that has transpired in Southwest Asia since Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Those undertakings were — for the […]

Veterans on Veterans Day

Early into my work this year with Westwood One News,  I was afforded the opportunity to spend considerable time with a variety of military veterans — sharing their stories in a series of 11 reports, each about a minute long. Participants ranged from college students to national leaders — discussing how they view their service and the day set aside […]

Hall of Fame Induction

When I was first posted as a Marine to the Washington, D. C. area, in 1989, a friend here recommended I volunteer with a group that helped publicize the Marine Corps Marathon. It was still a time in the event’s history when not all of the Corps’ top leaders thought the considerable effort required to put it on was worthwhile. […]

What had changed — and what hadn’t — in the three years since the U. S. Defense Department repealed the policy that prevented gay and lesbian service members from serving openly?  Based on months of research  and dozens of interviews, I explored that question in the fall of 2014.   On a recent summer morning in Northern Virginia, about 100 very fit […]

10 Years After: On Reporting the Beginning of the Iraq War

In early 2003, I was among a hundred or so journalists who would every day engage in reportorial Q&A sessions at the U. S. Central Command (Forward) media center. The briefings took place in a million-dollar “media briefing warehouse” constructed on Camp As Saliyah, a Qatari military base in a desert outside Doha. At the time — and even on […]