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Examples of Chas’ radio reporting

In November 2019, Chas spent time in Berlin, examining the origins, surprise demise, and continuing impacts of the Berlin Wall — which fell in November 1989. In April 2020, this report was presented a Silver Medal in the Best News Documentary or Special competition of The New York Festivals.

During June 2016, a listener in Chicago recorded one of Chas’s top-of-hour newscasts broadcast on 50,000-watt WLS Radio.

As Westwood One News national security correspondent, Chas — in early 2016, the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm — recalled fighting as a U. S. Marine in the 1991 military action to eject Iraqi forces that had seized control of Kuwait.

From the Southwestern Philippines, Chas reported on U. S. and Filipino military engineers building classrooms at a number of rural schools.  The “civil society engagement” work was part of the April 2015 combined military exercise called Balikatan — Tagalog for “Shoulder to Shoulder.”

On the third anniversary of the repeal of the U. S. military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, Chas — in September 2014 — took an in-depth look at how the armed forces had changed, and hadn’t, during those years.

Meet John Collins in this March 2013 profile. Then nearly 92 — retired from careers in the Army and the Congressional Research Service — he was shepherding the Warlord Loop — an invitation-only, idea-sharing ListServ for some 500-some well-placed policy-influencers.

In future wars, will human soldiers be replaced by weapons that think for themselves? Lots of remotely controlled systems are already on the battlefield. During 2012, Chas spoke with scientists, analysts — and the nation’s then-top military officer — about how remote engagement and autonomous systems might be changing the American way of war.


You can find more of Chas’ audio content among his blog posts.