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On the Air at 13 … and some of the fun that followed

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On September 23, 1971, there I was: prepubescent, wearing braces — and on the radio. If you think I looked goofy, wait until you hear how I sounded:

A few years later, I was in the Marine Corps, stationed alongside Kaneohe Bay, Hawai’i. During nights and weekends — when I wasn’t deployed aboard ships in the Western Pacific or Indian Ocean — I worked part-time as a disc jockey in Honolulu. (My younger sister tells me I was a lot more fun back then.) Here I was — October 8, 1978 — as “Charlie O’Henry” on Top 40 powerhouse KKUA.

In 1981, the Marine Corps decided I’d been allowed enough (too much?) time in paradise. On May 30 of that year, I tried to depart the island airwaves with a bit of mystery and panache