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Berlin: 30 Years after the Wall Fall
In November 2019, Chas spent time in Germany, examining the origins, surprise demise, and continuing impacts of the Berlin Wall — which fell in November 1989. In April 2020, this report was presented a Silver Medal in the Best News Documentary or Special competition of The New York Festivals.

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Some Wounded Vietnam Vets Can Now Find and Thank the Docs Who Saved their Arms and Legs
On July 25, 1969, 22-year-old helicopter crew chief John Fogle was torn open by AK-47 rounds — as the OH-6 in which he manned a machine gun flew low over a North Vietnamese Army encampment. Frontline Army surgeons saved his life — and his limbs. In 2019, for CBS Eye on Veterans, Chas reported on how the recent digitizing of a Vietnam War surgical registry helped John, nearly a half century later, find those doctors and keep a promise he had made to say thanks.

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Recalling the Gulf War
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